Information regarding the Proposed Colebrook Academy and CTE Center

March 3, 2023

To: Community Members

Fr: Debra Taylor, PhD., Superintendent

Re: Important Building Project Update

I am pleased to inform you that on Wednesday, March 1 at our Special Informational Board Meeting, Chairman John Falconer announced that Mr. Dan Dagesse plans to donate $2.8 million to the school district if the school building project (both Articles 1 and 2) pass! The donation will be made over 7 years with $400,000.00 per year to reduce taxes, and offsetting the increase in taxes from the bond payments. This has the net effect of reducing the total cost for the complete building project to local taxpayers to $3.1 million over 15 years. In addition, John shared that we also received notification that we are eligible for a $1 million grant from Northern Borders after passage of the bond. This information was shared with those present and published in an article by the Chronicle today. (see article here: )

Remember to come to the Annual School Meeting on Tuesday, March 7 at 6:00 pm in the gymnasium. You must be present and registered to vote.


February 22, 2023

To: Community Members                                                                                                                                                                                                                       From: Dr. Debra Taylor, Superintendent
Contact Information: Email:; Office: 603-237-5571
Re: Colebrook School Board Updates Proposed Building Project Budget and Bond Articles

At their meeting on February 21, the Colebrook School Board approved the proposed school building project with an updated budget that is nearly $2,000,000. LESS than the original proposal. This was possible through the generous support of Dan and Chris Hebert, who pledged to build the Academy, CTE and Gymnasium at significant savings.  Chairman John Falconer announced their proposal at the Public Bond Hearing on
February 7, noting that Daniel Hebert, Inc. (Construction Contractors) and Lavallee and Brensinger (District Architects) would work together to update the building project proposal. Mr. Hebert built the Colebrook Elementary school in 2000 which now houses all of the district’s students preschool through grade 12. The two firms met and updated the project budget and the result is a significant savings for taxpayers in the Colebrook
community. The scope of the project has not changed, this will create much needed High School and CTE learning spaces, as well as a high school size gym.

Following approval of the proposed project budget, the Board approved two amended articles. Article I includes the academy classrooms, CTE center and renovations. Article II includes the gymnasium only. Here are the updated numbers.

 Total Cost Building Aid
Grant (State Contribution) = 60%

Bond Estimate
(Taxpayer Contribution) = 40%*

Article 1-CTE/HS Addition $11,597,332.00$6,955,399.00$4,641,933.00
Article 2-Gym Only$3,244,800.00$1,944,780.00 $1,300,020.00
Total Project $14,842,132.00$8,900,179.00$5,941,953.00

*It is important to point out that the project must be approved before the donations or grants can be secured and applied. The Board also approved the 15 year bond to finance the remainder to the cost after building aid, donations and grants are applied.

The proposed new Colebrook Academy High School and North Point Career and Technical Education Center replaces the former high school, which opened in the early 1900’s because it no longer met the safety, security and educational standards to provide a 21st century education. “The school board and community closed the old Academy High School, because it was time to replace it,” Superintendent Taylor said. “The School Board’s goal is to complete Phase II of the plan from 2000. This plan includes replacing the old academy and technical education buildings, and providing a high school sized gym. The plans are conservative and right-sized for our current and projected student population.”

The proposed building replacement will integrate the facets of the high school and North Point CTE Center. The classrooms and lab spaces are needed and provide for academic and technical education that the current school does not. Our education program supports students who wish to pursue a career in teaching. Our future teachers observe and work with students in our school, under the supervision of our excellent teaching staff. The proposed health science room includes a high school science lab. The technology classroom includes a lab for projects and productions galore. The
culinary/hospitality classroom is equipped to prepare students who choose to become part of our robust tourism economy. Our auto technology center is equipped to train students in auto, power sports and diesel repair, a high need area in the North Country. In addition, a new high school gymnasium will serve student instruction, athletics and the community.

The Colebrook School District, Elementary School, new Academy and North Point Career and Technical Education Center aim to provide a pathway to achievement for all, enabling success in the arts, science, and technology.

“What this project shows us is that the future is really here. It will be beautiful, sustainable and energy-efficient. The students who study here will understand sustainability and technology in an inherent way, and they will bring that knowledge to all their future endeavors,” noted Superintendent Taylor.

School Board Chair John Falconer praised the school board, school community, school staff and administration for their continuing support of this proposed project. “The proposed building project will enable our students to grow and our community to prosper. We are excited about their future and the future of Colebrook,” Chairman Falconer said.

Remember to vote at the March 7, 2023 Annual School Meeting at 6:00 pm at the Colebrook School Gymnasium. You must be a registered voter of Colebrook to vote and must attend the meeting in person.

February, 2023


Welcome and thank you for visiting the proposed NEW Colebrook Academy and North Point Career and Technical Education Center Building Project web page.  We will keep this section up to date with the latest renderings, information, and historical data.  The proposed school contains four pillars:

  • Meets student academic, career and technical education needs

  • Creates a safe environment

  • Ensures the new building is sustainable

  • Invests in the future of our students and community

I am pleased to announce that the School District of Colebrook has been awarded state building aid! The amount of this aid is 60% of the total cost or $9.85 million. The remaining 40% of the cost will be borrowed through a bond and paid back over a 15 year period.


Our Public Hearing for the School Bond will be held on Tuesday, February 7 at 6:00 pm. Please attend to learn more about the Phase II project.


Our work to date outlined in the links below. Visit this site often as we will post regular updates of interest to our community.


Remember, to vote MARCH 7, 2023!



Dr. Debra Taylor


School Administrative Unit # 7