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Ms. Hall

April 3, 2017

It's hard to believe that the last quarter of the school year has begun and now it's the 6th graders' turn in keyboarding class. They have started with the TypingClub.com classroom and some have begun working on Course 2 in the Code.org classroom. After April vacation, the class will be starting some other projects. They will be introduced to an award winning online game call Quandary in which they will role play ethical decision making in relation to cyber-bullying. They will also be creating some projects using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

March 6, 2017

The fifth graders have been working hard. Some have finished the entire Code.org Level 2 course and have earned the maximum 5 stars for every typing lesson that has been assigned so far. Our PowerPoint slides are completed and the presentations are posted below. In the remaining weeks of the quarter, we will continue with typing and coding while completing some small projects in Microsoft Word and some digital citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media.



January 16, 2017

Fifth graders in Ms. Marchand's class begin keyboarding classes today. They will have keyboarding for 30 minutes every morning until the end of third quarter, which ends on March 31st. 

Students will be primarily working with in my online line typingclub.com classroom. Students will be assigned approximately 8-10 typingclub.com lessons each week. The class will continue these lessons up to number 70. 

Lessons in basic computer programming principles will be introduced in this class as well. I have a online classroom using Code.org where students will be working on completing lessons at the Course 2 level.

Other topics we will cover include Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint and concepts of Digital Citizenship.


January 2, 2017

There's just two weeks left of keyboarding class for the fourth graders!

We are attempting to complete typingclub.com through lesson number 63 and fit in one or two more days of the Code.org Course 2 class before the quarter ends on Friday, January 13th.

The students have been working hard and it shows. I can see they are becoming faster and more accurate as they repeat lessons to earn the coveted 5 stars and/or a Perfect Score! rating for that lesson. Very soon, some of these students will be typing better than I do!

During these final two weeks the focus for typing is on practicing the correct way of typing capital letters. For coding, we are continuing to learn how to use repeat loops to make our code simpler and shorter in length.

December 13, 2016

As promised, I've attached the completed PowerPoint presentation. The students did a fantastic job and they all received an excellent grade on their slide.

We have also been working on a Christmas project, but I can't post that because it's a surprise.

DagesseVolcano2016 ‎(1)‎.pptx

November 22, 2016

Students are continuing lessons in the typingclub.com online class and progressing with their coding skills.

Computer coding lessons started with learning to build simple algorithms and have progressed to students learning to use repeat loops while building their algorithms.

Students are also working on a collaborative PowerPoint presentation about volcanoes, which is a topic they are studying with Ms. Dagesse.

Each student has been assigned a volcano and while in library class has been searching for information about it.

In keyboarding, each student has been working on their own slide for the presentation, which will include the information they found as well as some images of their assigned volcano.

I will post the completed presentation here soon so everyone can see the great job the students are doing.

November 2, 2016

Fourth Grade students began their keyboarding special on Halloween. This week they have demonstrated that they remember quite well what they learned in keyboarding as 3rd graders. They have been logging into my online classroom on the typingclub.com website to complete lessons. 

There will never be any assigned homework, but students are encouraged to practice their keyboarding skills whenever they use a computer at school or at home. 

Other topics that will be covered in this class include basic computer science and computer coding (programming), using Microsoft Word to create and save documents, and principles of digital citizenship. 


September 19, 2016

Third grade keyboarding has been practicing the home row keys and the top row letters E, R, U, and I. This week and next week, they will finish learning which fingers to use for the rest of the top row keys. 

Last week they learned about the difference between input and output devices and were introduced to basic computer coding. At this point, coding is being taught using characters from the game Angry Birds. Students have to build algorithms (programs) to move their bird through increasing difficult mazes by stacking blocks of code together in the correct sequence.

Welcome Back!

1st quarter the 3rd grade students will be taking a 30 minute keyboarding class Mondays through Fridays. Introducing keyboarding (typing) skills will be the main focus of this course. However, some other technology concepts will be introduced as well. These will include learning parts of a computer, how the Internet works, principles of digital citizenship, some basic Microsoft Word and Google document tools, and simple computer coding (beginning programming).

There will be no assigned homework, but students are encouraged to practice their new skills whenever they use a computer at school or at home. 

Here is a list of some of the websites that will be used in class. The students can use these at home to gain more practice and show you what they are learning.