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Mrs. Marchand- Grade 5


Smarter Balanced 5th Grade Schedule

          We will be taking the NH State Wide Assessment Test on the following dates:   3/21/18; 4/9/18; 5/7/18 and 5/16/18.
Please support your child during this testing by using the tips below! Thank you for your continued support to CES schools and your child/children!!

1.) Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep the night before testing.
2.) Provide your child with a health meal the morning of testing.
3.) Talk with your child about trying their best on testing! Let them know that trying, taking their time, and reading questions completely will lead to the best scores they can get!
4.) Let your child know that if they have nerves or are worried about testing they can talk to one of the counselors.        

              5th Grade           

             2017 - 2018          

Other school-wide initiatives for the 2017—2018 school year include Responsive ClassroomPlayworks, and Study Island.  The following links have been provided for your information regarding these additional school-wide initiatives.

Responsive Classroom ~ https://www.responsiveclassroom.org/about/

Playworks ~ http://www.playworks.org/about

Study Island https://www.studyisland.com/about




Weekly Agenda

April 16th - April 20th

Math:   Equivalent Fractions

Science:  Biome Unit Presentations

Social Studies:  English Colonies

Language Arts:  Unit 4 Review

Upcoming Events:

Monday April 16th: 
 Smarter Balance Testing    9:00 am
Children's Stage Adventures

Friday April 20th:
Children's St. Adv. Performance
1:15 pm  &  6:00 pm

Week of April 23rd - 30th :  Vacation