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Mrs. Johnsen

The Power of the Arts
The Key to Unlock Success for the 21st Century Student 

First and foremost the arts are necessary and contribute to our survival as human beings.  There has never been a culture on this planet that does not have art.  Arts are literately centuries of humans interacting with their environment.  They are a collection of skills and thought processes that transcend all areas of human engagement.  They enhance cognitive growth, emotions, and psychomotor pathways.  The arts are how children develop and interact with their world: singing, drawings acting, and dancing.  Learning about different art forms provides a higher quality human experience throughout a person's lifetime (Kagan, 2009; Sousa, 2011).

As you know if you've read the newsletter, we are beginning a new initiative called PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) known to the students at STARR.  We'll be looking at those interventions in the art room as well.  When your students in grades 1 - 5 do a great job in the art room they will receive "Art Starr of the Week" (formerly known as "artist of the week").

We continue to work on this initiative.  Please remind your students about the expected behaviors in the art room and throughout the school.

Lessons for the week of May 22

As part of our Reading Challenge all students will design and create an original bookmark that will displayed in the cafeteria.  There will be prizes for the best designs.  These will be laminated and distributed to students in Pre K- 2.

Grade 1 & 2: Students will be practicing fine motor skills this week by creating beaded necklaces and bracelets.  Some classes will use Perler Beads to create plastic Perler designs and some will be using Wikki Stix to create pictures.

Grade 3  -We'll review our warm and cool colors and create warm and cool color paintings that will become paper weavings.  Students will finish this up this week and begin creating beautiful flowers on a stick using a variety of mediums.

Grade 4 - 4th graders will be learning weaving techniques this week.  They'll learn terms such as loom, warp, weft, and beater.  They will use colored yarns to weave a beautiful textile.  We'll be finishing this up this week.

Grade 5  - Students will learn about 5 different color schemes this week.  They will be asked to create a design using materials at their tables or mechanical tools such as triangles, protractors and french curves.  They will add color according to a choice of 4 of the 5 color schemes: warm colors, cool colors, analogous colors, monochromatic colors, complimentary colors.  We'll continue working on this, this week.

7th - Students have learned how to create 'Space" on a 2-dimensional plane using one-point perspective.  They had a cityscape assignment that illustrates this concept.  Students will continue their work on this, this week.


 8th g
raders working on Chihuly Inspired Sculpture.

This year's table artists!

  George Seurat  
Lawren Harris  
 Evard Munch