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Mrs. Johnsen- Art

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

This is a tough time for all of us.  It's my sincere belief that staying creative by engaging in art activities will help our student's minds stay active and healthy and will provide some much needed stress and anxiety relief.

I am sending home each student's sketchbook with prompts for drawing ideas.  I would like to see them do two of these prompts in the next few weeks--their choice.  A pencil is all they need, but they should feel free to add color with any materials they have available.
Some great sites for taking virtual tours are available and a great way to expose our kids to the work of the Masters.  I've listed some links below.  Please encourage your student to draw, doodle, paint and use their hands to create anything their imaginations guide them to create.  Making junk sculpture is a great way to make art and do something good for the environment too!  Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns at: mjohnsen@csd.sau7.org

The Tillotson Center is hosting a great project!  Go to the porch and pick up a hand and decorate it!  When you've finished decorating it, drop it off in the box on the porch.  They will be displaying them at the center.

Grades 1 - 5
  • Continue working on your sketchbook assignments.  Two drawings were assigned, but please feel free to do more!  Due - April 3rd.  If we do not have a drop off for work, please email me pictures of the drawings.
  • Do a junk sculpture with recycled objects around the house.  Some great things to use are bottle caps, cans, plastic jugs and bottles, buttons, cardboard, meat and vegetable trays, toilet and paper towel tubes.  Due April 24th.  Please photograph images and email them to me.
Other ideas :
  • While the snow lasts - do a snow sculpture - photograph and send it to me.

Quarter 4 - Middle School Art Assignments

March 26th

If I Was A Work of Art...

Please respond to this prompt with a work of art and written piece.  In other words, please write what you would look like if you were a work of art, for instance, what colors would you be, what shapes and lines would you include?  Would you be an abstract design, a landscape, a portrait, maybe a video game character?
This should be a paragraph or two.  Then please illustrate your description.  Do a drawing with whatever materials you have.  If you have coloring tools, please add color.  Collaging colored paper, newspaper/magazine pictures is another possibility.

This will be due to me via email on April 3rd.  Failure to hear from you by then will result in a zero.  I, at least need to hear that you are working on it, by then.  If you are working on any art projects independently, please send me pictures and I will give you credit for it.  I need to hear from you!!!

Stay Well!

I'll try to post good resources for parents here and update it regularly.  Some good ideas for doing art at home.  Take pictures of anything your kids create and email it too!


The Louvre - https://www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne#tabs

The Guggenheim -https:// www.guggenheim.org/collection-online
 The Met -https:// www.atsandculture.google/partner/the-metropolitan-museum-of-art
 The National Gallery -https:// www.nga.gov/exhibitions.html    
  And for our younger students on YouTube - Matti and Dada artist series 

I checked out this site.  Fun and interactive art game.  Maybe we can play together!  https://sketchful.io/
creativeblog.com - here an illustrator gives drawing lesson

Have your students research the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  They had a brief time to view the exhibition of her work that is in the lobby of the school.

  Frida Kahlo