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Mrs. Hastings- Grade 2

                  Mrs. Hastings' Class
                      ** Grade 2 ** 


Oct. 16th - 20th

This will be the specials schedule for this year.
Mon. - Art      Tues. - Gym        Wed. - Gym      Thurs. - Library        Fri. - Music
                                      Reminders/Updates -  

                                  ** Read 20 minutes - 4 nights a week **
  ** New due date for recipies - Nov. 1st!! **


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Mrs. Hastings - Grade 2

Monarch Butterfly Science Project update



Fab Five : (Need to be able to read these) 

  orbit    planet    meteorite   rotate     asteroid     

Reading -  We are reading the story, ' The Strongest One'.  We are learning about retold stories.  

Story Words : (Need to be able to read these)


Amazing Words- Students don't need to spell or read all of these words.  They just need to know what they mean when they hear them.  These words are in some of our readings this week.


   Our question of the week - 

  What can we discover by exploring ? 

Spelling -   This week we are working on digraph spellings such as ch, sh, th, wh, and tch. Some word examples are chase, what, shape, patch, and them.

Note regarding RtI time -  
Individual classroom teachers are responsible for the teaching of reading, math, and writing skills to their own classroom students.  During the 30 min. RtI time students divide up into various groups and go to get some additional reading, math, or writing instruction or skill reinforcement.                          

Language -    We are also beginning a brief report about planets and space.

Math -   We are reviewing math facts for addition and subtraction.  The students are also working on place value, number bonds,  and word problems.   In addition, we are determining patterns and applying the knowledge to determine the missing number.  The students are continuing to work in their math journals and they are also using Study Island.  


        ** Math Games** 

Science -     
                   We are beginning a discussion about planets and space.  We've enjoyed a visit from PSU which included a discussion on stars, constellations, and planets.  This was complete with a special planetarium viewing.  Terrific experience!

Social Studies and Global Awareness -   We sent our Symbolic Butterfly to Mexico last week.  We will monitor the butterfly migration and wintering over.  In the spring we should get a 'special' Monarch from Mexico!  For Fire Prevention we are discussing some of the important information every student should know such as escape plan and meeting place.   We are continuing to learn about how a Responsive Classroom works.  We are also continuing to show our friends we care by "filling" their buckets.


**Tip of the Week ** 

 Read 20 minutes - 4 times a week

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    ** Goggles and Glitter in Grade 2 **