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Mrs. Coats


Kindergarten Newsletter - May 26, 2016 

  Our exciting news is that our chicks
should be hatching on Wednesday, May 31st!  
We have been dedicated scientists in observing the changes in our fertilized eggs
and will keep you informed of any changes in the incubator! 
We invite you to visit the classroom any time!
We have also engaged in investigating nests made by birds and hornets.
Magnifying glasses are helping us explore the great specimens we have set up on our Science table.
We actually cut open the hornets’ nest and saw all the cells that are used to house eggs.
Absolutely amazing for us all to see!
 Open House for incoming Kindergarten students will be
Tuesday, June 6th  from
3:30-4:30 PM.
This is an opportunity for them to visit the two classrooms before summer vacation.  
Please share the date/time with any families you know that may not have already registered their child.        
Thank you.

          Have a wonderful week-end!            
Mrs. Coats