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Mrs. Brady- Grade 1

  Welcome to Mrs. Brady's Remote Learning

What's Up This Week? 

March 30-April 3 


    Reading:   The Reading Street books will be distributed to all children, along with the pages from Reader's and Writer's Notebook.  Although assignments were put on the Pearson Realize Site many families have had difficulty accesses these materials from home.  I will continue to make the learning videos from the reading program available for those who would like to use them.  This week the children should read, Frog and Toad Together.   This week's high frequency words are:  afraid, how, again, read, few, and soon.  This story focuses on r-controlled vowels...ar, and adding inflectional endings to words, such as plan, planned, help, helped, drop, dropped, call, called, ask, asked.  Verbs for the past and present will also be included with this story.  In addition, to reading the weekly story, the first graders will be asked to read their leveled readers and books of their own selection.

    Math:  The children should continue to work daily on their calendar page, recording the date and using the number of the day.  In addition, all children should be completing one page in their Daily Math Booklets to keep skills previous introduced current.  Our new unit on measurement begins this week.  This is a new unit for the children and they will need support from an adult to navigate through it. It starts with non-standard forms of measurement, such as measuring using a paperclip or penny, and it gradually transitions to using standard form, such as inches and centimeters.  This is a fun unit because the children get to measure a variety of items they can find in their homes.  I will be posting a video to go with this learning next week.  

    Writing: Your child's writing journal is in the bag as well.  Each day your child should plan on writing one or two sentences. Some children will want to write stories or longer pieces that go on for more than one day.  He or she may wish to draw and color a picture as well.  Please date each piece of writing.  

    Social Studies:  There are five Scholastic News included in the packet.  These may be completed as desired by the children.  I would encourage the children to complete at least per week.  The articles are great "talking points" for the children.  Often they wish to find out more information depending on the topics covered.  

    Science:  I have included some new hands-on activities for the children to complete this week and next on the life cycle of the from.  I also encourage the children to get outside and explore their neighbor (keeping social distancing in mind) for wet areas where they may find some frog eggs or other amphibians.  Frogs tend to lay their eggs in shallow ponds or wet areas left by melting snow.  You may find lizards under rotten logs in these areas as well.  Don't be afraid to lift up logs to look underneath.  I have found black salamanders with yellow dots hiding there.  Be sure not to touch them too much though, as their skin needs to be kept cool and wet.  If you should pick one up, make sure you return it to its home.  Have your child document his or her hunting excursion with pictures or videos so that we can all share in his learning.  

   Art:  Use a cereal, shoe, or other box and make a diorama of a frog's habitat.  Children could use sticks and other natural materials in their displays.  You could make frogs out of salt dough or play dough.  You can make salt dough using 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, and water.  Add water, small amounts at a time to the dry ingredients, until you can form a ball.  Add drops of food coloring to small portions of dough to make several colors.  Children can draw and color backgrounds for the inside of the box.  Please take pictures of creations to share with your friends.     

  Music:  Music is wonderful at healing sad hearts and lonely souls.  Be sure to put some lively music on and encourage your child/family to dance and sing together.  You can find many wonderful music sources on Youtube, such as KidBop, which the first graders love to listen too.  GoNoodle is also another great resource.  Not only does it provide music but it also encourages physical movement.  

  P.E.:  It is getting warm enough to get your bicycles out of storage...don't forget to wear your helmets.  Another idea I saw was setting up an obstacle course in your house (rainy days) and outside on nice days.  Encourage your child to participate in these creations.  

    On-Line Opportunities:  These are some great educational sites to visit if you desire.  They are not required.









Please reach out to me for any questions, concerns, or if you need any kind of help.  I will make myself available to you.  I will do my best to provide the answers or will get someone who can help.  You may reach me by email:  jbrady@csd.sau7.org or by cell:  802-274-9581.

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