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Mr. Sutters - Grade 6-8 Social Studies

Middle School
Social Studies
Week of 10/16/17

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6A and 6B

We'll be focusing on the government of Mesopotamia and some of the major accomplishments at that time.  We hope to learn how centralized power in the hands of one person can be advantageous and disadvantageous.  We'll look at controlling the military, laws, and religion.

7A and 7B

Ancient Egypt continues.

This week we'll be looking at Egyptian government and the first assignment is to research and report on any pharaoh.  We'll seek information of accomplishments, military conquests and especially how they ruled. 

8A and 8B

Both classes will begin researching the heavy debt the French and Indian War caused Great Britain and what they did about it.  We'll look at key individuals and the role they played on both sides of the issues.  Specific tax acts will be evaluated and from both the English and American sides.