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Mr. Hebert- Grade 6-8 Writing

Welcome to Writing!

 Student Council meetings are held on Wednesdays at 7:30 AM in Room 307

Week of 12/10 - 14 :

This week, students in sixth grade will continue to work on revising and editing their fiction stories. Each student is working at his/her own pace, moving to the next step of the writing process only when s/he is ready, and this individualized format seems to be going very well!

Seventh graders will be moving on from research to planning out and drafting their pieces of informational writing.

Eighth graders will continue revising and editing the various pieces of their multi-genre projects. They will then use Google Sites to "publish" and share their writing.

In Social Studies this week, I will be doing a brief overview of American history. Students will then choose a period that they are interested in learning more about and begin to research it.

Reminder: Current Events assignment due every Friday @ 1:15 PM

Important Dates:

December 6th - December 21st: Student Council Food Drive