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Mr. Hebert- Grade 6-8 Writing

Welcome to Writing!

 Student Council meetings are held on Wednesdays at 12:15 PM (7th/8th Study Hall)

Week of 4/15 - 19:

This week, students in sixth grade will be using the feedback they received from themselves, their peers, and me to revise and edit their autobiographies, which are tentatively due on Friday. Seventh graders will be completing a reflection on their two most recent pieces of writing, as well as starting a unit in which they design and create a website for a (made-up) business or organization. Students in eighth grade will continue to work with their groups to plan out the characters and scenes for their movie scripts; some groups may move on to actually drafting their scripts.

In Social Studies, students will finish up presenting their country research projects early in the week. Later in the week, we will be discussing and learning about some areas of the world that were not covered by the presentations.

Reminder: Current Events assignment due every Friday @ 1:15 PM


Important Dates:

Wed, Apr 17th: NHSAS Writing Test

Apr 22nd - 26th: Spring Vacation!