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Mr. Haley

                                        Welcome Kindergartners!

                                                    "You're off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss


Common Core
State Standards

American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet

Our Handwriting Curriculum

Kindergarten with Mr. Haley!
(The greatest class in the world.)

You can view our weekly most recent classroom newsletter below!

Our classroom takes part in Scholastic's Reading Club program.
Scholastic Reading Club allows parents and teachers to buy books
and other educational tools at more a
ffordable prices. 

Each month, your child will bring home up to three book order 
forms that
 a variety of age appropriate children's books for all interests.
When you place an order as part of our Scholastic Reading Club,
our class earns points that will be used to upgrade our classroom library with new books!


Take a peek at this month's catalog
and support our Scholastic Reading Club!


Here are some educational websites that reinforce what we will learn throughout the year in Kindergarten!

                            Spelling City - Mr. Haley

This website has activities, games and printables that help students 
practice current and past sight words that we have discussed in class!


A very child-friendly site that has a large variety o
 educational games in all subjects.


A literacy site that includes engaging music, stories and activities that allow 
students to practice everything from practicing their letters to guided reading.

A website that focuses on math concepts and critical thinking skills for all ages!
This site features interactive Cuisenaire Rods (which we use in the classroom).

We have learned the alphabet!

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