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Mr. McClung

Five ways to avoid forgetting your Spanish over the summer
1. Make Spanish cartoons at voki.com
3. Search for videos of Spanish words you learned; ie gato, helado, coches...
4. Watch and listen to Spanish-language versions of cartoons and songs
5. Change your phone settings to Spanish

Adult Ed. Spanish will meet again in the fall. ¡Gracias por un año excelente!

Makeup work: I need 10 sentences in Spanish for every day missed. You are also responsible for getting notes, studying, making up quizzes and keeping up with projects.
Grading System
20 points a day for participation and behavior (minus 4 points for unexcused tardiness, minus 4 for being unprepared, minus 4 for disruptive or disrespectful behavior, minus 4 for unauthorized use of phone or laptop, minus 4 for lack of effort)
50 points per quiz
100 points per project
Final Exam: 20% of semester grade, everyone must take except for JH students.