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Mr. McClung

Due Dates:
Spanish 2: Projects are ongoing and done in class. Recipe test Tuesday, December 12.
Spanish 2/3: Spanish gossip test Tuesday, December 12. 
Spanish 1: Chapter 3 projects need to be finished by the end of class on Monday, December 11. If not, they will be homework.
Junior High: The current project is on planets. The weather and geography quiz will be on Tuesday, December 12.

Makeup work: 
Junior High:
I need 10 sentences in Spanish for every day missed. You are also responsible for getting notes, studying, making up quizzes and keeping up with projects.
High School:
You must be caught up with classwork before you may take a test. You must make up any missing or failed tests before you may begin or continue a project.

Grading System:
Junior High:
4 points a day for participation, 30% of grade (0 points if absent and not made up, 1 point if most expectations not met, 2 points if some expectations met, 3 points if most expectations met, 4 points if all expectations met)
50 points per quiz, 30% of grade
100 points per project, 40% of grade
High School:
4 points a day for classwork, 10% of quarter grade (0 if missing, 1 if incomplete, 2 if almost complete, 3 if complete, 4 if expectations exceeded)
50 points per test, 20% of quarter grade
100 points per project, 70% of quarter grade (0 if missing, 50 if expectations not met, 85 if expectations met, 100 if expectations exceeded; see rubrics)
The midterm/final is worth 20% of the semester grade.